Working at Buyside

buyside | November 14, 2019

Our team is growing! I’ve had the distinct pleasure of building out our engineering team over the past year, and as we’re prepping for another round of growth, I thought this was an appropriate time to reflect on what our culture is like. Why do we enjoy working at Buyside? What makes us tick? I asked my team to reflect on that, and I’ve summed up the main points here so that prospective hires can get a good sense of why they might want to join Buyside.


This was the most common theme by far. Our team is well-distributed geographically, from Pennsylvania to Nevada to Costa Rica, and we pride ourselves in creating an effective environment conducive to remote work. We keep meetings and overhead to a minimum. We subscribe to the adage of hiring smart people to tell us how to do things, and not dictate to them. We encourage healthy debate, and expect team members to take ownership of their work from inception to completion. This allows all of our team members to grow while serving the needs of our clients.


Similar to the above, we want to create an environment that optimizes productivity. This isn’t treating our team as cogs in a machine, but rather understanding that when we hire smart and motivated people, they tend to be happiest when they are feeling productive. We provide top-of-the-line machines. We try to minimize context-switching as much as possible (some days are better than others). As most of us have families and kids, we respect work-life balance and allow for flexible schedules. We know this approach is a win-win for both our team and our company.


Despite our recent growth, we still maintain the scrappiness and energy of a startup. We expect everyone to make meaningful contributions to the direction of the company, and I as a tech leader take great pains to ensure the team is constantly aware of the impact of their work. One advantage we’ll always have over the bigger tech companies we compete with over talent is offering the opportunity to be part of a special team that’s offering real value to their clients.

And we’re just getting started! I’m really excited about the work we’re doing now and in the short-term, as the next year promises to be one of unprecedented growth for Buyside. If you think you might be a good fit for our team, please check out our Careers page for our current openings. Thanks!