Charles Williams
Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Michael Graham
Chief Financial Officer

Jeremy Elser
PhD, Chief Data Scientist

Ashley Terrell
EVP, Partnerships

Kylah Searing
VP, Growth Initiatives

Steve Peele II
Head of Platform Growth

Tom Shively
Director, Training & Engagement

Mike Fullen
Senior Software Architect

William Lyles
Senior Software Engineer

Lucas Gordon
Senior Software Engineer

David Snodgrass
Senior Software Engineer

Justin Ong
Senior Database Engineer

Angelah Ogutu
Data Support Engineer

Katelyn Grubb
Account Manager

Katie Shibale
Account Manager

Josh Meth
Technical Project Manager

Eric Williams
Business Development Manager

Todd Williams
Success Manager

Anthony Rossi
Business Analyst

David Pittman
Customer Support Specialist

Laura Scott
Keynote Speaker

John Heithaus

Jonathan Miller

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