Why Invest in a Seller Experience?

Sellers represent half of all real estate transactions, however,
most real estate sites focus on buyers. Providing sellers relevant
demand and buyer insight positions your agents as key
resources, so they ultimately win more listings.

Six Tips for Building for a Powerful Seller Experience


Provide a dedicated experience for Homeowners

The best real estate brokerages provide
relevant content for both future buyers
and sellers.


Provide Multiple Valuations

Sharing multiple valuations keeps
consumers on your page and
establishes your team as industry


Share Relevant Content

Engage homeowners with relevant
content: The value of their home, their
equity, and real buyer interest for
homes like theirs in their community.


Be A Knowledge Broker

Providing data about a seller’s house,
local market, and actively-searching
buyers, positions you as a trusted
advisor and partner when they’re
ready to sell.


Win Repeat Clients

Continue engaging your sellers after
the transaction with monthly home
valuation updates. A client who
remembers you is more likely to list
with you.


Be a One-Stop Search

Keep visitors on your site longer by providing a good search experience for their buying needs and also their selling needs.

Ready to Improve your Seller Experience?

In 2020, Buyside engaged over 350k new unique homeowners
and generated $165B in listing opportunities.

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