Turning Clients into Repeat Clients

Todd Williams | November 23, 2020

90% of home buyers say they would use their agent again. However, only 10% of home buyers, when questioned,  say they can actually remember their agent’s name. Why is that?

The Buyside Monthly Report is a unique way to keep your name top of mind, with past clients. It is a monthly email that provides the agent the opportunity to provide value on a monthly basis.


The Buyside Home Valuation Site (HVS) is an excellent, organic tool for generating leads that can be applied in many ways and on many different mediums (i.e. email, social media, print marketing, etc). If you are a partner with Buyside, chances are, this is already provided to you free of charge from your brokerage. With the HVS, you have the tool to stay in flow with all of your clients throughout the course of the year, so if they aren’t going to be ready to buy or sell in the 12-18 months, you can be the expert that keeps them informed of the market around them..


We’ve all heard the statistics written above. Every positive experience that you have with your home seller and buyer clients. Now ask yourself these two questions: 

  1. How much time/money do you spend lead generation? 
  2. How much time/money do you spend on retaining your sphere of influence?

The good news is that with Buyside, you can use your Monthly Report to retain business at no additional cost to you!


3 Simple Steps:

  1. Navigate to your own Home Valuation Site as an agent.
  2. Enter the address of the listing that your buyer clients have closed on
  3. Sign them up for the Monthly Report in the top right corner.

BOOM! Just like that, you are going to stay top of mind once a month providing awesome value!

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