Now Available: Pop-up messaging on your Home Valuation Sites 

buyside | May 28, 2021

We now have the ability to implement a customizable pop-up window on your Buyside Home Valuation Sites. A pop-up window can be customized with your brokerage branding and unique calls to action to add a new marketing strategy or lead capture element to your Home Valuation Sites. We’ve seen several creative uses for this new feature from our partners so far: 

Consumer Facing Contests 

Incentivize consumers to leave their contact information by hosting a consumer facing contest. A Pop-up window can be used to inform the consumer of your contest, and how they can enter to win by claiming their home or requesting a monthly report on your Home Valuation Site.

Lead Capture 

A pop-up window can be used as an additional area where consumers can leave their contact information, in addition to the calls to action already present on your Home Valuation Sites. Let consumers know the benefits of working with your brokerage while giving them an additional prompt to contact you. 

Present Relevant Market Insights 

We all know that the post-covid housing market is unprecedented in many ways, which may impact the way that consumers are interacting with the Automated Valuation Models or AVMs that are presented on your Home Valuation Sites. Pop-up messaging allows for brokerages to present additional knowledge or insights prevalent to the 2021 market while the consumer views their home’s value. 

Interested in learning more about how to implement a pop-up on your Home Valuation Site? Reach out to your account manager for more details!