National Home Valuation Week Competition Results—Spring 2021

buyside | July 20, 2021

Thank you to all who participated in another successful National Home Valuation Week! For those of you who missed it, this week was an opportunity for agents and brokerage firms to help their client base understand the value of their largest asset—their home. Agents from all over the country promoted their Home Valuation Sites and their business! This year agents generated $6 billion in listing opportunities and thousands of consumers subscribed to the monthly report. “One of the best parts of National Home Valuation Week is seeing all the creative marketing ideas agents have.” says Ashley Terrell Buyside’s Chief Revenue Officer. “This week is a springboard for the rest of the year when agent’s are marketing to consumers.”

A new stand-out feature to this spring’s NHVW was Buyside’s newly-launched equity component. On the Home Valuation Sites, clients are able to see how much equity they have in their home and all the great things they can do with that equity. Some of the biggest brokerages in the country— such as The Keyes Company, Carolina One, Chase International, and John L Scott—have already launched the equity component with great success.

During National Home Valuation Week, Buyside sponsored three competitions. To encourage a wide-range of engagement, the competition focused on three categories: valuation attempts, monthly reports, and marketing initiatives. Join us in congratulating the Spring 2021 NHVW winners!

Please join us in congratulating the top-performing agents from Buyside's Spring 2021 National Home Valuation Week