Buyside Broker Customers Collaborate on Awesome Homeowner Program

buyside | September 21, 2020

Originally published on WAV Group.

In a press release today, Buyside announced that all of their broker customers are cooperating on National Home Valuation Week. The idea is that all of their broker clients push the same ad campaign during the same week nationwide. The call to action from the campaign is to visit the broker’s website to enjoy the Buyside valuation product – which provides three AVM values, along with Buyside’s buyer data which shows how many buyers the broker has for their home today.

This is a great strategy and I think that it is the first time that a technology company has pushed a national ad program like this though their broker customers. In an inventory constrained market, this seems like a strategy that has legs. I know that the Fox and Roach and the Keyes pilots of this program in their markets worked very well. I would expect that the national campaign will be even more effective.