Women In Real Estate: Eliza Ann Price

Todd Williams | January 28, 2021

Eliza Ann Price is the Director of Operations for Zeitlin Sotheby’s International Realty

Eliza Ann Price, Director of Operations for Zeitlin Sotheby’s International Realty, is an innovative thinker with an established reputation in corporate operations. In her 20+ years of combined experience in management consultation, personal and professional development, project management and strategic implementation, Eliza Ann has cultivated a conscientious approach to her work and nurtured her innate ability to perceive and resolve complex situations. From creating websites and customized CRMS to “all things” human resources, Eliza Ann believes that true success is not created singlehandedly. Connecting and understanding people on a deeper level is where her passion lies, for this is how talent is uncovered, purpose is ignited, and culture is strengthened to the benefit of everyone on the team and business itself. 

What would you like to say about your career in Real Estate and the industry?

Real estate is an essential element to life and to be a part of such a multidimensional industry is an honor! As a company, we are presented with opportunities on a daily basis to positively impact people in our local community and around the world in the way that we operate and serve our agents and their clients. Real estate is where people center their lives and businesses, it’s where lasting memories and traditions are being created – so it’s really special to be a part of that.