Winning with Buyside: The Case for CloudCMA

Todd Williams | December 15, 2020

Here at Buyside, we take pride in the ability to integrate with other vendors in the Real Estate technology industry to provide our partners with the highest quality experience. Here, we will be highlighting our integration with CloudCMA.

Using technology is more important in these times of a global pandemic than ever before. A large majority of home buyers today are the millennial generation that has been raised with technology and has more of an expectation of digital facing tools.

Buyside’s Buyer Market Analysis (BMA) is a Real-Time Market Report of the buyer activity based on a given property. This is a very valuable tool for listing presentations that many of our clients have come to love and depend on. The Comparative Market Analysis(CMA) is an estimate of a home’s value based on recently sold, similar properties in the immediate area in the past.

CloudCMA by W+R Studios has taken this CMA experience to the next level by giving “Real Estate agents the ability to create custom CMA reports, buyer tours, property reports and flyers.”1

Now, by combining forces with Buyside, the CloudCMA product has been enhanced even further. We had the opportunity to sit down with Katie Smithson of W+R Studios to explore the benefits and use cases of the integration.

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