Selling to Millennial Buyers: Five Best Practices

buyside | February 12, 2021

Millennials are a part of the fastest-growing generation of buyers in the United States and currently account for one in three home buyers. That number is only going to grow during this upcoming decade, as many millennials are becoming homeowners for the first time. Millennials have a different mindset when it comes to buying homes, so adjusting your selling strategy will help you close deals quicker!

  1. Focus on Online Marketing

Millennials have grown up with smart devices at their fingertips at all times. Build a relationship with your millennial prospects by using the platform that they know best – the internet. They are much more likely to respond to online advertisements and social media communication efforts than postcards or newspaper ads. Millennials rely on technology to stay connected, make purchasing decisions, and communicate with others, so brush up on your technology skills before selling to a millennial!

2. Make Sure You Have a Modern Website

When marketing to millennials, you need to separate yourself from the typical image people have of a real estate agent. Because they have grown up on smart phones, millennials tend to have a much shorter attention span than older generations, which means that you have to perk their interest immediately. The best way to do so is to have a modern website with new images, fonts, and logos. Millennials want a real estate agent that they can relate to and trust, so show them that you are the agent for them through your website. You could be the best real estate agent in the industry but if someone doesn’t like your website, both of you will be missing out on a great relationship.

3. Make Open Houses an “Instagrammable” Place

Millennials are all for aesthetically pleasing places that they can share with their friends online. Instead of having a traditional boring open house, tailor it to your audience. Offering creative refreshments, unique healthy snacks, and maybe even a place to take photos are a few ways to make sure that you stand out to your millennial prospects. If done successfully, this is also a way to expand your network; if they share their post on social media, their friends will be more inclined to work with you as well.

4. Know What Your Millennial Buyers Want

Millennials want different qualities in a home than older generations. They are more inclined to live in near a metropolitan area and definitely prefer to have public transport nearby. They are also a very socially conscious generation, so a home with sustainable, eco-friendly features will appeal to them. By factoring in these general preferences, you can find the best home for your millennial prospects and close deals quicker!

5. Expand Your Social Media Presence Across Platforms

Millennials love using their social medias, but they are much more likely to divide their time across different platforms than other generations. Having a strong presence across platforms not only widens your audience but also shows millennials that they can relate to you and that you are the type of agent that they want to work with. Expand your presence from Facebook and Instagram and start including Twitter, Reddit, and even TikTok. Having a strong social media presence is vital when targeting millennials, since they enjoy sharing their interests with their friends and acquaintances.