National Home Valuation Week Final Results

Tom Shively | December 15, 2020

This year marked the first National Home Valuation Week! This was a week we celebrated by proving the people in our communities with information about the market and the value of their largest asset. All this happened through sending out your Home Valuation Site and leaning into the seller market we have seen this year.

During this week we were able to see:

  • A valuation volume of $1.72 billion and a lead volume of $675 million
  • 40% of those valuations left their contact information for agents to reach out and win those listings.
  • For agents, we saw up to an increase of 2825% in monthly subscriptions and 614% increase in valuation attempts
  • Buyside generated 6510 opportunities which equal an estimated $2.9B in sales volume
  • 257 of those leads converted to a closed listing by end of Q1, 2021, equating to $90.4M in sales

All of this is in service of saying, these lead generation tools work! Agents and brokerages are able to get more leads, stay in flow with your network, and win more listings. During this week we were able to show that the market is hungry for information and the real estate industry is as strong as it’s ever been. We here at Buyside wanted to thank everyone that participated in this event and cannot wait till this event next year!

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