Four Ways to Sell Yourself on Social Media

buyside | March 1, 2021

  1. Use Facebook’s User Demographics

Apart from being the social media that most of your target audience uses daily, Facebook’s business features are perfect for expanding your brand. Facebook’s user demographics represent any given target audience for real estate metrics such as income and age. Facebook will allow you to post listings and updates, communicate with customers, and give customers a place to write reviews. Facebook ads also allow you to target users who show interest in buying a property in a specific area, so use it to your advantage!

2. Ramp up your Instagram

Instagram is known for its popular, aesthetically pleasing content, which aligns perfectly with sleek property photos, which is why it is no surprise that it has become the primary social channel for luxury real estate. Even for other real estate, Instagram stories are a great way to stay engaged and provide quick, daily updates to your potential customers. Even after the sale, posting it to your followers will show them that you are successful and could be a great fit for them.

3. Interact with your Followers

Potential homeowners are calling real estate agents less, and instead, asking their questions on social media. From tweeting at real estate brokerages on Twitter to swiping up on Instagram stories, they expect an immediate answer. Be prepared for this by planning Instagram livestreams, posting Q&A’s on your story, and posting promotional videos that will spark interest. This gives you the opportunity to start a conversation with followers who are unsure about the buying process and want to learn more.

4. Respond to any Comments

Responding politely and promptly to any comments, good or bad, is vital to your social media presence. Instead of battling back and forth with critics, try to understand their frustration and offer solutions. Many comments will be from potential homeowners who are looking for more information about a listing, so hold on to that interest and follow up with them even after responding to their comment. Showing your customers that you make them a priority and that you are committed to your business.