Five Benefits of Using Linktree on Instagram

buyside | March 8, 2021

Linktree is an essential Instagram marketing tool for any brand and provide many benefits to help you promote yourself and your brand. It allows you to have one link in your bio that houses links to all of your content. This gives you a way to add more than one “link” in Instagram, which currently only allows you to link one website in your bio.

1. Increased CTR (Click-Through Rate)— Giving your Instagram audience more choices to select drastically increases the likelihood that they’ll actually click through them. This will boost your CTR, one of the most important Instagram metrics, which will inevitably boost your sales.

2. Cross-Platform Promotion — You can use the tool to cross-promote yourself by linking out to your other social pages. Having your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and any of your other social pages directly on your Instagram account will show potential customers that you are active on several platforms and are ready to help!

3. Expand your Target Audience — Having various links to choose from means that you can implement more targeted Instagram campaigns with different links targeted at different buyer audiences. This will expand your target audiences without having to tailor your page to just one of them.

4. Better Branding— You can insert brand images on your landing page for better branding and visuals. This will help potential buyers or sellers to associate you with your brand and increase retention.

5. More Affiliate Sales— Using Linktree, you can choose to add one (or several) affiliate links to your custom landing page as well as your personal/branded links. Compiling them in the same place increases the chance that customers will look at them.