Client Spotlight: Emmanuel Fonte from John L. Scott

buyside | October 21, 2020

Welcome to the first Buyside client spotlight! We have been fortunate enough to work with Emmanuel Fonte from John L Scott. He speaks with us about the success he and his fellow agents have found with Buyside. 

Lead Capture: This has shown to be successful for so many agents! “There are multiple lead capture elements on the Home Valuation Page”, Fonte says, “This really helps the agent identify the intention of the consumer that has been on that page”. This helps your agents identify new leads for their business. 

Lead Conversion: “What we have found to be the most effective is lead conversion” Fonte said. This is when you pair your CMA with your BMA and are able to get new clients to sign with your agent. “It’s helped us stand out in the marketplace”.

Engagement with our Relationship Database: “Our firm is focused on each individual client for years.” The monthly report helps you stay in flow with your clients every month automatically! This will show your clients you are the expert for knowledge about Real Estate. “[This is] how we demonstrate our expertise with each individual client, for each individual property.”

We are happy to have Emmanuel Fonte as a partner and to help him find success in Real Estate with the Buyside system. Check out the video to hear all the ways Emmanuel has seen success with Buyside.