About Buyside

Buyside brings over 175 years of combined real estate experience to assist brokerages in turning their buyer data into leads, listings, and profits.

We started Buyside because we firmly believe that buyer data is the largest untapped asset within a brokerage and represents the final frontier in the digital transformation today in real estate.

Our simple, fast, and easy solution leverages buyer data your company generated, to empower your agents to:

  • Generate Seller Leads
  • Dominate Listing Presentations
  • Close More Sales
  • Keep Sellers Loyal & Happy

Come find out how Buyside can help you profit from THE OTHER HALF OF REAL ESTATE!contact us and schedule a demo today!

Charles Williams

CEO, Founder

Brian Preston

VP, Client Services

Alissa Harper

VP, Growth

Dan McKeehan

VP, Operations

Laura Scott

Chief Success Officer

John Heithaus

Chief Evangelist

Michael Graham


Jeremy Elser, PhD

Chief Data Scientist

Eric Williams

Success Manager

Mike Ehrlich

Sr. Success Manager

Keith Fitzgerald

VP, Engineering

Michael Rinaldi

Data Engineer

Matt Ferretti

Digital Marketing Manager

Jeremy Brueck

Client Services Manager

Colin Watson

Data Scientist